Ontario ARC’s Protection, Privacy and Compliance Policies

Corporate Compliance

Grievances Procedure

Incident Reporting Policies and Procedures

Incident Reporting: Management and Review

Non-Discrimination Notice and Translations

Privacy Policy


Compliance/Ethics Hotline


WHAT IS 585.393.5678?

It is the anonymous phone extension to call if you are concerned that someone may NOT be…

  • Following our ethical standard of integrity, honesty
  • Recording program documents correctly
  • Accurately reporting financial information (billing, timesheets, petty cash, falsifying receipts or mileage reports, etc.)
  • Complying with the agency’s policies

Call our anonymous Compliance Hotline at 585.393.5678 to report any compliance concern.


Directly call our Corporate Compliance Officer, Brenda Estey, at 585.919.2120.