Autism CenterOntario ARC offers a variety of educational training options for businesses, schools, emergency service groups and organizations to assist in educating staff on Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders ranging from introductory information to transition methods and best practices. Topics can be developed to address your unique needs.

Topics include:

Autism 101, Transitioning Students with Autism, Positive and Effective Approaches for Behavioral Support, Power Struggles, Mental Health Disorders, Effective use of Coping Skills, Managing  Anxiety and Symptoms of OCD, Effective Communication and Working with Difficult Behaviors, 5 Functions of Behavior, Medical/Escape/Attention Seeking/Tangibles and Sensory, Positive Psychology, Self Care, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Adolescent Behavior, Self- Regulation, The Overindulged Child.

To schedule a training session at your facility, please contact:
Diane Van Derwater, Autism and Wellness Manager
(585) 394-7500 x2148