Why Disability Enhances Work Ability

employment servicesWhy hire someone with a disability? We’ll let you in on one of the greatest, unknown facts. In our experience, people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities are some of the most dedicated and indispensable members of an organization. They take their role seriously and they’re extremely proud to go to work every day–something they’re not afraid to share with everyone they know. In essence, they’re usually the biggest advocates for your business. Plus, having those responsibilities motivates them in other aspects of life, engaging them in the community and promoting their independence.

Success Starts Here

At Ontario ARC, we provide job readiness and support programs to prepare individuals with the right training and skills to excel, including Pathway to Employment, College ExperienceProject SEARCH and a range of other training and supports.

Are you ready to take the next step? Through Abbey Employment Services, we’ll match you up with potential candidates just as we’ve successfully done for many businesses before yours. In time, we’re sure you’ll know what an excellent hire you’ve made.