A great training opportunity is coming to Ontario ARC

On July 25-26 Ontario ARC will be presenting the Dementia Capable Care of Adults with Intellectual Disability and Dementia.  This two-day training was developed by the National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices, which is a subsidiary of the American Association of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry.

The Dementia Capable Care of Adults with Intellectual Disability and Dementia training is the only known nationally recognized training on supporting adults diagnosed with both an intellectual disability and a form of dementia.  The training was designed for staff/caregivers with direct or ancillary care responsibilities for supporting older adults with intellectual disabilities and a dementia at disability, health care and aging related agencies.  At this training one can expect to learn strategies in both screening for and supporting a person with ID and a dementia as well as tips on communication, building a safe environment, understanding challenging behaviors and supporting the person through them.

Facilitating this training will be NTG Affiliated Regional Trainers Laura Robinson, MPH and Nick Vignati, M.S.  Laura is Director of Community Outreach at the Complex Care Center and Program Coordinator of the Finger Lakes Geriatric Education Center with UR Medicine.  Nick is Coordinator of Aging Services at Ontario ARC.  Nick and Laura are both also members of the NYS Third Age Committee, a non-profit organization devoted to plan, develop and promote educational forums for learning and discussion of aging and I.D.D. among professionals, clinicians, self-advocates, families and caregivers of individuals with I.D.D. who are aging.

We are also happy to announce that assisting with the training is NTG Lead Trainer Kathleen M. Bishop, PhD.  Dr. Bishop has over 40 years of experience in the developmental disabilities field and over 20 as a gerontologist with a specialty in aging with developmental disabilities.  In July 2005 Dr. Bishop retired from the Central New York Developmental Services Office of NYS Office of Persons with Disabilities as Assistant Director of Staff Development and Training.  Currently Dr. Bishop is a member of the Finger Lakes Geriatric Education Center (FLGEC) team of the University of Rochester focusing on aging with Intellectual and developmental disabilities (including dementia care).   Additionally, Dr. Bishop is an adjunct faculty member of the Utica College Institute of Gerontology and works for numerous state and national organizations presenting or developing webinars for national distribution Dr. Bishop has been a member of the National Task Group on Dementia and ID (NTG) since it founding. She is co-chair of the Education and Training Committee. (full NTG Lead Trainer bio)

By offering this training at Ontario ARC we are hoping to continue to improve the culture and care of not only those we support as an agency, but to community members receiving support across New York State.  As people age the level and type of care they need changes and as a culture of care we must be ready and willing to change with them.

For questions or registration information please contact Nick Vignati, Coordinator of Aging Services, at 585-919-2161 or e-mail nvignati@ontarioarc.org.  More information and online registration can also be found here.

Information taken from the National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia practices website (aadmd.org/ntg) a subsidiary of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (aadmd.org) 


vignati-nickNick Vignati, M.S.

Coordinator of Aging Services