Master Gardeners Welcome Ontario ARC Horticulture Program

The Horticulture program has been actively collaborating with the Ontario County Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardeners. When we were offered the opportunity to teach a couple classes within their program, Marilyn immediately came to my mind.

Marilyn has been attending the Creative Expressions Horticulture Program for several years. She is very active in the program, a dedicated participant and is a positive role model to her peers.  Marilyn has gained many skills throughout her time and is always helping teach her peers how to fine tune their abilities.

I had a conversation with Marilyn about our opportunity to teach a “Make and take your own natural potpourri” class to the community.  She was hesitant, but I reminded her how wonderful she is with her peers and extremely knowledgeable she is on the subject.  She agreed and co-taught the class in November 2016.  It was a huge success!  There were approximately 30 community members of all ages in attendance.  Marilyn was a natural and  received positive feedback throughout the day.  She did such a fantastic job that she agreed to teach the same class to her peers and Ontario ARC staff in December 2016.

The Master Gardeners have welcomed the Ontario ARC Horticulture Program with open arms.  Participants in our Horticulture program have now co-taught two classes with the Master Gardeners, assisted with their annual plant sale and attended their Spring Symposium where they also had a vending table with items for sale.

Dana Kincaid

Horticulture Specialist