Broker Services Now Available for Self-Directed Living

If someone you know is thinking about choosing Self-Directed Living, Ontario ARC just made it easier to find a Broker for their Planning Team. Seven OPWDD-certified brokers are now available at Ontario ARC.

When an individual chooses Self-Direction, a Broker guides their Planning Team. “All of our Brokers have years of previous experience as Medicaid Service Coordinators, so they are very familiar with the philosophy and process of person-centered planning,” says Kim Craig, Director of Innovative Supports.

Once approved for Self-Direction, OPWDD will provide you a list of available Brokers in your area to choose from.

Individuals who choose Self-Direction must be eligible for OPWDD services, must obtain a Medicaid Service Coordinator, and must be enrolled in Home & Community Based Waivers.

If interested, your Medicaid Service Coordinator can get you started.

Broker Services
Ontario ARC has brokers to guide Self-Directed planning teams.