The Eberhardt Center at Ontario ARC Celebrates 25 Years

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Pictured at the Eberhardt Center ribbon cutting ceremony in 1990 from left: Ellen Gutmaker (Day Treatment Director, Ontario ARC); Kate Small (Assistant Executive Director, Ontario ARC); Marc Brandt (NYSARC Executive Director); Bill Castiglione (Executive Director, Ontario ARC); the late Bill Eberhardt (Board Member and Past President); Bob Sickmond (Board Member); Barbara Hawes (OMRDD Deputy Director), the late Russ Siraguse (Newark DDSO Director) and the late Assemblyman Frank Talomie.


The Eberhardt Center at Ontario ARC is proud to be celebrating its 25th Anniversary with an open house on September 9, 2016. Established in 1990, Ontario ARC’s Eberhardt Center offers an enriched learning environment with an emphasis on wellness for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

“The Eberhardt Center has been a place where so many people start to develop their skills,” says Michelle Jungermann, Ontario ARC’s Director of Employment and Meaningful Activities. “ Individuals have gone on to take advantage of community opportunities, and for people who have attended Eberhardt since 1990, to see how far they’ve come makes it a great time for us to look back. The evolution of The Eberhardt Center is really the evolution of the people we support.”

The programs and supports at the Eberhardt Center focus on each individual’s social and communication skills while promoting independence. Training is offered in several areas of daily living such as nutrition, safety skills, personal care skills, housekeeping, and healthcare and building community relationships and involvement.

Activities include:

  • Creative Expressions: music, art, and horticulture classes that provide opportunities to explore creativity while promoting communication, social, and teamwork skills
  • Physical Therapist: works to develop a plan based on an individual’s needs, offers training to Ontario ARC staff to ensure proper techniques and goals are met daily, and provides assistance to core rooms for individuals with more intensive physical therapy and circulation issues
  • Therapeutic Pool: utilized by individuals with orthopedic and neurological disorders who experience symptoms of pain and weakness, weight-bearing restrictions, and circulation issues
  • Sensory Rooms: Wellness Kitchen, Activity Room, Snoezelen Room, and Outside Recreation Area that offer individuals a place to explore their passions ranging from cooking and nutrition, to arts and crafts, to leisure, physical, and relaxation activities
  • Volunteer Opportunities and Community Service Projects: Meals on Wheels, local library, consignment shops, shopping centers, restaurants, and coffee shops

The Eberhardt Center’s 25th Anniversary Celebration and Open House will take place from 12:30PM – 2:30PM at The Eberhardt Center, 2975 County Road 48 in Canandaigua. To RSVP to this event, please contact Robyn Crowley at (585) 396-3060 or by September 2, 2016. To learn more about The Eberhardt Center, visit