What is a Power Struggle?

Mike Kephart, Behavioral Intervention Specialist at Ontario ARC, will present on Power Struggles Wednesday, January 20 from 6:30-8:30PM at Victor Central School District, in Victor, NY.

In this session, parents will learn to identify general conditions that naturally result in power struggles, as well as learning person specific reasons that power struggles are so common. Parents will also recognize why power struggles are so destructive and counterproductive to all of our goals and efforts. Although power struggles can be created over very insignificant and minor situations, the emotional impact is often serious. This session will focus on strategies to avoid power struggles, improve our ability to recognize them when they first start, and develop ways to resolve power struggles that have been created.

To register for this session, please contact Ms. Judy Hessney, Office of Educational Services, at (585) 924-3252, x1452.

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