Innovative and interactive, the offerings available in our Day Service programs encourage community involvement and skill development.  From expressing yourself creatively through art, music, and horticulture, to career skill-building and internships, the opportunities here are endless.

A highly structured after-school program in a safe and nurturing environment. We meet each child’s unique and dynamic needs and academic goals through a healthy balance of engaging recreational and educational activities. Our innovative Tales for Tails reading program pairs a child with a gentle furry friend to read and has proven to increase reading comprehension, literacy and self-esteem. Active Academy is led by a Special Education Teacher and staff with specialty training in working with children who are on the autism spectrum.


  • Serves children ages 8-14 who have an intellectual or other developmental disability, including autism
  • Follows each school district’s calendar and runs from the end of the school day until 6 pm, Monday through Friday
  • Located in Victor and Canandaigua schools
  • Supports social, sensory, reading, and academic skills
  • Promotes independence and success in and out of the classroom
  • Offers clinical support
  • Activities include homework assistance with a special education teacher, outdoor recreation, Ontario ARC Tales for Tails unique reading program, access to iPads, computers, and other electronics


Contact: JoEllen Schaefer at 585.919.2118

These centers offer an opportunity for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to learn about, be a part of, and give back to our communities.

Community Learning Center Sites:

  • Canandaigua Sit-A-Spell
  • Geneva Presbyterian Church
  • Geneva Sit-A-Spell
  • Phelps Community Center
  • Victor Community Learning Center
  • Canandaigua YMCA

Activities include access to landmarks like Kershaw Park, Canandaigua and Seneca Lake, local stores, holiday celebrations, local historical society events, and more.

Ontario ARC’s Community Learning Centers are proud to volunteer at the following:

  • Vienna Gardens
  • Thompson health
  • FLCC Childcare Center
  • Gleaner’s Kitchen
  • The Methodist Church Soup Kitchen
  • Linden Exchange
  • Meals on Wheels
  • The Community Support Shoppe


Contact: JoEllen Schaefer at 585.919.2118

A comprehensive service/therapeutic experience that fosters creativity through visual arts, music, and horticulture, encouraging individuals to expand upon traditional methods of communication and interaction in an educational environment.

Designed for people seeking to improve their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social skills by expressing themselves in a variety of creative ways, while getting involved in their community.

Group and individual sessions available

Activities include:

  • Collaborative team building
  • Creativity through expressing opinions, setting goals, and exploring new media
  • Demonstrating capabilities
  • Developing community connections
  • Personal enrichment and exploration
  • Skills and techniques that give the tools to interact and engage with others


  • Art Program has access to a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, book arts, printmaking, and digital animation guided by our art specialist to explore the unique mark each individual makes, influencing the world around them.
  • Music Therapy uses a wide range of musical experiences to promote the health and well-being of individuals by enhancing and transforming their lives.
  • Horticulture at the Eberhart Center greenhouse exercises all of the senses from the smell of flowers and hands-on gardening to enjoying fresh grown vegetables. Our horticultural specialist ensures individuals have year-round access no matter the weather.

Contact: JoEllen Schaefer at 585.919.2118

Get out in the community with Kaleidoscope, Ontario ARC’s new innovative program designed to enhance your skills and introduce you to exciting local opportunities in the community!

Kaleidoscope is a unique, community-based program offering for people interested in gaining a variety of new skills. With a focus on small group learning, Kaleidoscope is your opportunity to immerse yourself in new and exciting opportunities in your community.

Contact: JoEllen Schaefer at 585.919.2118

Individuals enrolled in Pathways have the opportunity to work, volunteer and participate in personal enrichment options in a variety of settings. They gain and practice their skills to prepare for further direction in areas of employment in order to become productive, valued members of their community.


  • Wellness Activities
  • Art
  • Music
  • Horticulture
  • Food Service
  • Social Opportunities with Seniors
  • Retail
  • Fundraising*
  • Coordinating Special Events
  • Computer Skills
  • Outdoor Clean-Up
  • Collating
  • Repurposing Textiles

*Through Pathways for Giving, participants have the opportunity to raise money for the community. The group creates handmade items to sell at events throughout the year and uses the proceeds from the sales to purchase items to donate to a number of causes including the Ontario County animal shelter, Happy Tails, and the Adopt-A-Platoon program. The care that each member of the team shows in creating the items and selecting a cause to support speaks to the importance of giving back and supporting the community both inside and outside the agency.

Contact: JoEllen Schaefer at 585.919.2118

Established over 20 years ago Ontario ARC’s Eberhardt Center offers an enriched learning environment with an emphasis on wellness.

Programs support social skills development, promoting independence, training in several areas of daily living: nutrition, safety skills, personal care skills, housekeeping, and healthcare and building community relationships and involvement.

Activities include:

  • Creative Expressions: music, art, and horticulture classes that provide opportunities to explore creativity while promoting communication, social, and teamwork skills
  • Therapeutic Pool: utilized by individuals with orthopedic and neurological disorders who experience symptoms of pain and weakness, weight-bearing restrictions, and circulation issues
  • Building Resources: Wellness Kitchen, Activity Room, Snoezelen Room, and Outside Recreation Area and Sensory Garden that offer individuals a place to explore their passions ranging from cooking and nutrition to arts and crafts, to leisure, physical, and relaxation activities
  • Volunteer Opportunities and Community Involvement: Meals on Wheels, local library, consignment shops, shopping centers, restaurants, and coffee shops


Contact: JoEllen Schaefer at 585.919.2118