Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Thanksgiving Dog

Thanksgiving calls upon friends and relatives to come for a visit and sometimes even stay for dinner. Does your dog jump on guests and beg from the table? Here are some options to help you get through the day:

  • If your dog jumps on guests begin to train now! When your dog jumps up, take away what it wants (the front of your body) and turn your back. As soon as it places 4 feet on the floor reward quietly and immediately with a treat. In the beginning, your dog is likely to jump up again. Immediately stand straight (turn your back if necessary) and reward when your dog offers 4 feet on the floor or a sit. Practice many times in a row and invite a few friends over to practice. I have found that in some cases if your guest shows your dog a treat to its nose and then quietly brings the treat to their chest the dog will offer a sit, in which case your guest will reward the sit with a treat (I recommend BAD DOG Bites- they’re delicious all-natural dog biscuits made by Pet Connections! Buy a bag here.)
  • Crate your dog with a stuffed kong in a quiet room while you eat Thanksgiving dinner
  • After your meal, secure your leftovers and garbage to prevent your dog from eating turkey bones which are dangerous choking hazards to your dog

DSC_5012 RT 2

Albert, Retired Pet Connections Therapy Dog

Albert, a retired therapy dog, has been an instrumental part of the Pet Connections program at Ontario ARC since its inception in 2011.  Together with his owner, Animal Assisted Activity and Therapy Trainer, Gail Furst, he helped pave the way for the success and expansion of Pet Connections. His intuitive nature has even won him the nickname, “St. Albert.” Now at age 8, Albert is in retirement, but he still offers helpful advice from time to time to those who ask.

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